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Videotter About Us

Introducing An Affordable Unlimited Video Editing Service For Businesses

Videotter is a new and affordable Video Design Service, that gives you access to unlimited, high quality, custom video content, every month, for one flat rate.
What better way to showcase your products and services, to new and potential customers, than with custom made videos on a regular basis. Social Media Advertising is the fastest way to connect with your audience and video has been proven to increase engagement time after time. 
Videotter is a division of Wenning Branding, LLC that is located in Pittsburgh, PA and has been helping companies, increase brand awareness and generate additional revenue since 2007.
We identified the need for a content creation company to offer unlimited videos monthly designed for Social Media Advertising in mind; however, none of quality are easily found. 
Our videos are proven to get your customer’s attention. 


We understand every business is different and should be treated as such. That is why we dive a little deeper into our client’s vision to execute their videos. 

We work with you to stay true to your message and strive to attract the right customers for your business. 


Social Media Advertising can be very confusing and overwhelming. Most people don’t know the proper structure of a successful video AD. 

That’s why we have been fortunate enough to work with many different types of businesses all around the world.

We practice what we teach and generate content that is engaging. 


Most video editing companies have basic templates they work from and that’s it. Your company deserves better than that when it comes to your video content. 

We make every video from scratch and are determined to make our client’s vision come to life!


Video editing services can be expensive. Most Businesses struggle finding a company who can offer affordable pricing and quality content. 

That’s why we decided to offer our services for a fraction of what you would pay a Part/Full-Time Video Editor every month for his/her salary. 

Think of us as a “remote” employee, without worrying about paying for unemployment, health innsurance, taxes and more!

Your Vision. Our Creativity.

Affordable Video Editing Plans to Save Your Cash Flow!

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together